Wireless Broadband Features

  • Ability to provide wireless last mile access in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.
  • Extending connectivity from existing Pops through Wireless Broadband Base (WBB) stations and connect to the wireless CPE installed at the customer premises.
  • Scalability – from 1 Mbps to high capacity links of up to 1 STM ( 155 Mbps )
  • Physical Security – WBB is immune to most of the physical threats/damage, which are unavoidable in terrestrial last mile media.
  • High Uptime – Wireless access at the last mile guarantees an uptime of 99%.
  • Quick Deployment – WBB offers ease of deployment in terms of simplicity and time taken for implementation.
  • Ownership/Control – WBB Access gives the customer and the service provider, freedom from dependence on the third party for last mile connectivity.